Recommendations to strengthen Europe in HPC standards

EXDCI-2 proposes recommendations to increase the influence of European players in setting up of present or future HPC standards and help make Europe a leader in some standard domains which foster an open, sustainable and competitive IT ecosystem. These recommendations are aimed at the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and the European Commission with the objective to help these organisations set actions that will increase the influence of Europe in HPC standard creation.

Towards a more efficient organisation
Proposals that can be put in place with few additional resources

Recommendation 1

Maintain a map of the relevant standard organisations


Achieve a continuous survey of emerging standards, produce maps of new standard organisations relevant in the context of the digital continuum, maintain all the maps up to date and disseminate this information.

Recommendation 2

Representing the European ecosystem


Establish a network of interested people around each European standardisation expert to share the information about the standard activity.

Towards a more active European ecosystem: making Europe a standard leader

Proposals that require more efforts and some funding to be effective

Recommendation 3

More European experts in standard organisations - Top-down approach


Implement a specific HPC organisation with sufficient financial and human resources, whose goal will be to develop a European HPC presence in standard organisations.

Recommendation 4

More European experts in standard organisations - Bottom-up approach


Put in place a process to help consortia organise their presence in a standard organisation or write emerging standard specifications.


Recommendation 5

Leveraging EC funded projects


Establish a process for participants to European funded projects to apply for a specific funded effort to facilitate the emergence of a standard.

Recommendation 6

Strategic projects for Europe to become an HPC leader


Identify and launch standardisation projects in strategic domains, to establish a level playing field, to favour European players’ new initiatives and to encourage green IT.