Centres of Excellence in HPC Applications

Ten HPC Centres of Excellence (CoEs) for computing applications were selected. They will help strengthen Europe's leadership in HPC applications and cover important areas, providing services such as: developing, optimising (including if needed re-design) and scaling HPC application codes towards peta and exascale computing; testing, validating and maintaining codes and managing the associated data; quality assurance; co-design of hardware, software and codes; consultancy to industry and SMEs; research in HPC applications; and addressing the skills gap in computational science.

The project FocusCoE will contribute to the success of the EU HPC Ecosystem and the EuroHPC Initiative by supporting the EU HPC CoEs to more effectively fulfil their role within the ecosystem and initiative ensuring that extreme scale applications result in tangible benefits for addressing scientific, industrial or societal challenges. It will do this by creating an effective platform for the CoEs to coordinate strategic directions and collaboration (addressing possible fragmentation of activities across the CoEs and coordinating interactions with the overall HPC ecosystem) and will provide support services for the CoEs in relation to both industrial outreach and promotion of their services and competences by acting as a focal point for users to discover those services.

The list of CoEs can be found below:

  • BioExcel-2

    European Centre of Excellence for Bimolecular Research

  • ChEESE

    Centre of Excellence for Exascale in Solid Earth

  • CompBioMed

    Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine

  • E-CAM

    A path to extreme-scale computing for industry and academia

  • EoCoE-II

    Energy Oriented Center of Excellence

  • ESiWACE2

    Center of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe


    European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications


    HPC and Big Data Technologies for Global Systems

  • MaX2

    Materials design at Exascale

  • POP2

    Performance Optimization and Productivity

  • PerMedCoE

    Center of Excellence in Personalized Medicine

  • T-Rex

    Targeting Real chemical accuracy at the EXascale

  • NOMAD-2

    Novel Materials Discovery Center of Excellence

  • CoEC

    Center of Excellence in Combustion